AEI PAR 30 – 20W/30W

New approach to standardization

An elevated lighting solution patented LTS 14U COB and Molecular Fan coated LED lamp making the LED performance better than ever.

*Desired color of the heat sink is customizable per the customers’ request.

Solid-state lighting

Single light source with excellent color rendering and stability

Best-in-class thermal management

Patented radiative heat dissipation of molecular fan coatings can prevent LED light shut down in any thermal environment not conductive to minimum flow or proper ventilation

Enhanced performance LED design

Lumens output up to 95 lm per watt. Higher than industry standard by 10%

Small size

Reduces size to 9.6×9.6×11.2 cm33

Ultra-lightweight design

Reduces weight to 0.25 Kg

Longer lifetime value

LED life span of 35,000 hours at L70

Saving energy cost-effectively

Six times cheaper than a halogen lamp

Excellent color stability

The full-visible-spectrum light, 400 nm – 700 nm, can be obtained by an innovative UV/NIR cut technology

Ultimate light intensity

Matches standard halogen lamps, 20/30 W LED = 120/150 W halogen

**Aeonovalite’s products are compliant with materials restriction requirement of RoHS, and SGS approval and certificates issued.
***UL approval has been certified for Aeonovalite’s heat-sinks and LED lamps assembled with molecular fan coatings, including materials, properties, performances and environmental requirements.