Our Story

Established in 2014, Aeonovalite Technology Inc., Taiwan  was brought together through shared values and a dedicated vision to create a game changer in the LED industry. Aeonovalite specializes in the action research, application processing, devices development and manufacturing first-to-market LED products with multi-function properties and performances.

Aeonovalite believes that creating brighter lives today through advanced and state-of-the-art technologies will lead to a brighter future. A team of scientists, engineers and experts are working collaboratively to address most pressing challenges in the LED industry – enhancing the LED’s quality of light and life expectancy, all while creating long-term sustainable value for the Company, partners and customers.

Aeonovalite also develops and offers total solutions from integrated product design to manufacturing services for different applications.

Aeonovalite seeks to create value through luminous energy. Our innovative products make it easy to create an energy-efficient and eco-friendly LED lighting environment like never before. It’s more than simply lighting up a work environment or living space. It’s about providing an accessible next generation technology as well as solutions to the LED industry that will actually improve energy-efficiency while offering a defining feature that empowers consumers with the ultimate lighting experience.


  • Chairman, Chief Executive Officer: Wen-Ming Chen
  • Vice Chairwoman, Chief Operating Officer: Hsun-Hua Shih
  • Chief Technology Officer: Chhiu-Tsu Lin Ph.D.
  • Chief Financial Officer: Scott Hsueh
  • Sr. Manager, Product Development: Curtis Chang
  • Sales Account Manager: Vivi Chen