LucentStarTM Series – 70W/100W


Lighter, brighter, longer lived

Advanced ultra-lightweight design makes it perfect for all space. High performance LED design provides the ultimate lighting experience.

*Desired color of the heat sink is customizable per the customers’ request.

Solid-state lighting

LTS 14U-70W/100W is a solid-state lighting (SSL), containing one single 70W/100W LEDs light source

Best-in-class thermal management

Enhance cooling performance
up to 17%

High performance LED design

Lumens output up to 110 lm per watt. Higher than industry
standard by 20%

Small size

Reduces size to 20.5×20.5×19.0 cm3 and makes it perfect for all spaces

Advanced ultra-lightweight design

100W – Reduces weight to 1.35 kg
(about 45% weight off)

Longer lifetime value

LED life span of 35,000 hours at L70

Saving energy cost-effectively

One-for-one replacement and saves up to 20%

(This series also provides the option for the hydroponic growing of agricultural industry use. Please consult Aeonovalite for further information.)

**Aeonovalite’s products are compliant with materials restriction requirement of RoHS, and SGS approval and certificates issued.
***UL approval has been certified for Aeonovalite’s heat-sinks and LED lamps assembled with molecular fan coatings, including materials, properties, performances and environmental requirements.