Before Aeonovalite, all LED companies and manufacturers worldwide were seeking a better alternative to increase the heat dissipation as well as the energy efficiency. The main advantage of the revolutionary Molecular Fan nanocoating technology (MF) is that it dissipates the heat from heat source without using additional power and additional space. It is eco-friendly and cost efficient.

The MF is a chemically functionalized thin-film coating affixed to a surface in need of heat dissipation. The key ingredients for the “molecular fan” thin film coating on the surface of heat-sink are the well-dispersed, high surface emissivity, and well-aligned thermally active nanomaterials. The thermal conductive nanoparticles are dispersed in the thin film coating to enhance surface area, modify surface morphology and give high thermal conductivity/emissivity from heat source to heat sink, on emit radiatively to the environment.

The nine key benefits of Molecular Fan nanocoating technology:

Good thermal conductive layer

(7-8 W/m·K) for the fabrication of MCPCB

Enhance surface emissivity

(ε ≥ 0.99)

Excellent heat dissipation efficiency

(a cooling efficiency of 20-25%)

High thermal conductive dielectric thin layer

(50µm, with a voltage breakdown
value of >5KV-DC)

Inhibit Al alloys corrosion

(pass salt spray test – ASTM B117, >1000 hrs)

Hard surface

Display a surface hardness of >3H

Fingerprint resistance

Excellent light reflection



Water based multifunctional nanocoating

This revolutionary Molecular Fan nanocoating technology (MF) not only solves thermal management problems for high-lumen LED lamps, but also guarantees the LED’s quality of light and life expectancy. It is a space-less, powerless and seamless one-step thermal management solution.